Lasers, Drones And AI: The Future Of Weeding

No one likes weeding, but new technology is helping farmers around the world tackle weeds in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way. Deanna Kovar from US farming equipment giant John Deere says that the company’s new tractor-pulled weed sprayer can reduce herbicide use by two-thirds. The system, […]

Google Got Sued By US Over Dominance Of Online Market Ads

The United States Justice Department sued Google on Tuesday for its dominance of the online advertising market, launching a fresh legal battle against the California-based tech giant over its world leading search engine. A filing in the federal antitrust suit accused Google of “unlawfully maintaining monopolies” in the […]

Google Parent Alphabet To Cut 12,000 Jobs

Google’s parent company Alphabet will cut 12,000 jobs, in the latest staff redundancies to hit the tech industry. Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said he took “full responsibility” for the cuts, in an internal email. The cuts will affect 6% of Alphabet’s workforce worldwide, in teams including […]