Peter Obi Confident of LP Victory in Imo Gubernatorial Poll

Labour Party’s presidential candidate for the February 25 election, Peter Obi, expressed confidence in winning the November 11 Imo State gubernatorial election.

Speaking during the campaign kickoff in Owerri, he highlighted the party’s track record of performance and excellence, pointing to Abia State, where the LP is in control, as an example of effective governance.

He emphasized that good governance and hope have been instilled in Abia State due to the capable leadership of a knowledgeable governor.

Obi’s words: “Abure is the national chairman of our party. We don’t have another chairman. LP will win Imo State. Athan Achonu is the only candidate of the party, and he is the best in Imo State. I am happy nobody has changed the process. I believe in the process.

“We want Nigeria to have leaders who will do what they preach. We know what it takes to change Nigeria. That is why we are here. We know what it takes to change Imo State. In Abia today, there is hope; that is what is called governance. This is because a first-class brain who knows what he is doing is the governor there.

“I believe in the process. Achonu emerged through the right process. Vote for LP, and things will start happening.”

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