Keyamo Asserts that Leading Aviation Ministry isn’t a Mistake

Festus Keyamo, the recently inaugurated Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, emphasized that his appointment was not a random event, but a purposeful choice made by President Bola Tinubu.

He conveyed this message during his official commencement in Abuja on Monday. Keyamo pledged to carry forward the aviation roadmap established by the previous administration, without intending to start from scratch.

He expressed his satisfaction with the structure of the roadmap, saying: “I have read the roadmap, the one developed in 2016. I read it thoroughly; our intention is not to disrupt things that have been done so well. If there are things that have not been done so well, we will look at them thoroughly.

“We may have to add to the roadmap but not to pull it down totally because I know it was a product of a roundtable held in 2016. So, if it was well thought out, I like the structure that I saw.”

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