Akwa Ibom Government Plans to Introduce Public Transport Buses as Subsidy Palliative

Pastor Umo Eno, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, has announced the upcoming introduction of public transportation buses as a palliative measure to mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

Eno mentioned that discussions with various companies are underway, and once arrangements are finalized, the buses will be launched. During an event in Uyo, he explained that his decision to use the state-owned commercial airline, Ibom Air, rather than his official jet, is a marketing strategy.

He dismissed rumors that the former governor, Udom Emmanuel, is in possession of the state’s official jet, labeling such claims as baseless and without merit.

His words: “We are promoting the Akwa Ibom brand and the state owns a hundred percent shares in this airline. By virtue of my office, I am the chief marketing officer of the airline if you may ask. My job is to promote our brand.

“We are planning to bring buses as part of the palliative. We are in talks with some companies. When the buses finally come and I board one of those buses, would people now say the immediate past Governor has taken over my official vehicles?

“There is no truth whatsoever that the immediate past Governor is with our aircraft. This is not just the kind of thing we should be talking or arguing about. Akwa Ibom should move beyond this sort of cheap talk.

“Again, I want to make it very clear that everyone has his style of leadership. My own style is to demystify governance. I like to get in contact with people, and I like to be myself. This government thing will come and go. So what is the big deal?”, he stated.

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