Speaker of the House of Representatives elaborates on challenges in tackling corruption in Nigeria

Tajudeen Abbas, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, has elaborated on the challenges impeding Nigeria’s efforts to combat corruption. Abbas highlighted the prevalent corruption within the corridors of power, attributing it to the nation’s hindered progress.

The Speaker made these remarks during an event organized by the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission.

He pointed out that behaviors, norms, attitudes, expectations, deficient governance structures, and transparency issues are among the factors perpetuating corruption in the country.

He said: “Despite this recognition, certain corruption-inducing behaviours, norms, attitudes, and expectations persist within our society, thereby, enabling and perpetuating acts of corruption.

“Corruption in Nigeria has been fuelled by various factors, including weak governance structures, lack of transparency and accountability, poverty, and cultural acceptance of corrupt practices.

“While we have laws, policies and institutions to tackle corruption, it is my considered opinion that corruption continues to fester owing to prevailing societal attitudes towards wealth, fame, power and success regardless of how they are obtained.”

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