Festus Keyamo Commits to Fulfilling Tinubu’s Expectations Following Senate Screening

Former minister of state for employment, labour and productivity, Festus Keyamo, who is also a ministerial nominee under the current administration has emphasized his commitment to meet the expectations of President Bola Tinubu.

During his screening on Monday, Keyamo expressed gratitude to the Senate for their generous evaluation and assured them that he would not let them down. He conveyed these sentiments during a press briefing in Abuja following his screening.

Mr Keyamo said: “I thank the Senate for their magnanimous consideration and I also want to thank Mr President for his complete benevolence to have given me this rare opportunity to serve this nation.

“I cannot thank him enough. I want to clear it that I will not disappoint Mr President; I will not disappoint the Senate; I promise I will not.

“In the bid and passion for both the executive and the legislature to bring dividends of democracy to Nigerians and to ensure that Nigerians have the benefits of government programmes, perhaps some compromises are needed at all times other than the strict adherence to legality.

“Compromises are needed here and there for the purpose of bringing succour to Nigerians. Because when people hold to their sides because of legality, at times, it is Nigerians that suffer for it.

“I want to thank the Senate; I want to thank the Senate President and all the distinguished Senators for their magnanimity.”

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