NRC Unveils 99 Staff Houses In Kano

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC has inaugurated a new housing estate in Kano State for its staff, managed by the Railway Property Company Limited (RPMCL).

These housing units were revitalized through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with CityScape, a construction company. During the handover of the houses, CityScape’s Managing Director, Alhaji Garba Ahmed, noted that the houses were previously deteriorated and unsafe.

He highlighted that the renovated estate consists of 99 apartments, a mosque, a recreational centre, and a clinic. The company ensured the reconstruction adhered to international standards.

Engr. Fidet E. Okhiria, the Managing Director of NRC and Chairman of RPMCL, highlighted that the initiative was a transformative endeavour that arrived at an opportune moment.

He said: “This agreement was signed in 2020 and now it has become a success. The new structures are for the well-being of the staff and for them to have an enabling environment.

“When I came here I thought I was in the wrong place. So, the federal government, under the NRC and RPMCL, decided to do this for you to get a conducive environment.”

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