President Tinubu Promises To Get Nigeria Out Of The Subsidy Challenges

In a national broadcast on Monday, President Bola Tinubu provided assurance to Nigerians that the country will overcome the challenges arising from the removal of the fuel subsidy.

He said: “We will get out of this turbulence. And, due to the measures we have taken, Nigeria will be better equipped and able to take advantage of the future that awaits her.

“In a little over two months, we have saved over a trillion Naira that would have been squandered on the unproductive fuel subsidy which only benefitted smugglers and fraudsters. That money will now be used more directly and more beneficially for you and your families.

“For example, we shall fulfil our promise to make education more affordable to all and provide loans to higher education students who may need them. No Nigerian student will have to abandon his or her education because of lack of money.

“Our commitment is to promote the greatest good for the greatest number of our people. On this principle, we shall never falter.

“We are also monitoring the effects of the exchange rate and inflation on gasoline prices. If and when necessary, we will intervene.

“I assure you my fellow countrymen and women that we are exiting the darkness to enter a new and glorious dawn.

“Now, I must get back to work in order to make this vision come true. Thank you all for listening and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he said.

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