Governor Zulum Expresses Concern Over Increasing Gangsterism in Borno, Holds Meeting with Security Agencies

Governor Babagana Zulum held a security meeting with key stakeholders and heads of security agencies to discuss the growing concern of gangsterism in Maiduguri and surrounding areas.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Governor Zulum expressed his observation that the gangs, previously involved in phone snatching, have now escalated to committing robberies and carrying out killings.

Zulum said: “These syndicates who specialised in handsets snatching, daylight robbery using locally made weapons have graduated to killings.”

Mr Zulum highlighted that the youths engaged in gang fights not only harm each other but also target security personnel and civilians. He mentioned a recent incident where gangs killed a police officer and an unidentified man in close proximity, underscoring the government’s stance against allowing such acts to persist.

“The state government under my leadership will not allow such matter to deteriorate. Security agencies are tasked to come up with recommendations and far-reaching decisions to curtail such activities within Maiduguri and environs,” the Governor added.

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