Aiyedatiwa Asserts That Ondo Summit Will Generate $2 Billion Investments and Create 70,000 Job Opportunities

The Ondo State acting Governor, Mr Lucky Aiyedatiwa, revealed that the ongoing ‘Develop Ondo 2.0 Investment Summit’ aims to achieve a target of $2 billion. The three-day summit, held in partnership with the Niger Delta Development Commission and various stakeholders, commenced on Monday at the International Culture and Event Center in Akure.

The primary objective of the summit is to attract investors to the state, capitalizing on its abundant human and natural resources. Aiyedatiwa emphasized that the event serves as a crucial platform for fostering productive discussions, sharing knowledge, and forming strategic partnerships across diverse sectors. These collaborations are expected to drive rapid development in Ondo State.

He said: “To drive investments in these key sectors, the “Develop Ondo 2.0 Investment Summit” aims to attract $2 billion in investments to Ondo State, create 70,000 new jobs, and engage with 100 donor partners and 1,500 investors.

“These targets demonstrate our ambitious vision for a vibrant and thriving economy that uplifts our people and enriches their lives. The response from potential investors thus far has been highly encouraging, with growing interest in exploring the investment opportunities that Ondo State offers. Our previous summit has borne witness to remarkable success stories, illustrating the effectiveness of this platform in attracting investments and fostering economic growth in our state and enormous value to our partners and investors.

“One such success story lies in the corridor of agriculture. Several investors have shown keen interest in agricultural projects, leading to the establishment of large-scale farms, agro-processing facilities, and fruitful partnerships with local farmers.

Notably, the “Red Gold Project,” an agricultural initiative implemented by the Ondo State Government, has gained significant traction. This project focuses on promoting the cultivation and processing of oil palm, another major cash crop in Ondo State. The “Red Gold Project” stands as a testament to our State’s commitment to agricultural reforms and the empowerment of our farmers.”

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