Falana Calls on Government to Back Youths, Young Women Entrepreneurs For Poverty Rate Reduction

Prominent lawyer and activist, Femi Falana, advocates government support for entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on women and youths.

He emphasizes the significance of empowering Nigerian women, who contribute to the nation’s growth through legitimate investments and trade, just like they do in building their homes.

Speaking in an interview on Friday, Falana said: “If the government support entrepreneurs, create an enabling environment and give them funding, the problem of poverty and inequality in the society would be addressed.

“When the government had Peoples’ Bank in the past, the record of success was immense because most of those who took loans were women.

“Hence, the reason we went to court to demand that the Peoples Bank should be reintroduced, and we are still pursuing that,

Mr Falana highlights the readiness of women, youths, and entrepreneurs to contribute to the economy’s success, yet laments their current neglect.

He points out that a small group has misappropriated a significant portion of funds allocated for promoting entrepreneurship in the country.

The legal expert advises the government to rectify this situation by ensuring that funding reaches the deserving individuals who can genuinely contribute to the nation’s development.

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