CAN Implores Tinubu to Prioritize Poverty Alleviation Measures

On Friday, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) urged the Federal Government to give top priority to implementing measures aimed at alleviating the poverty and hardships being endured by Nigerians.

The call was made in response to the recent unprecedented increases in fuel prices and the alarming inflation rate.

Archbishop Daniel Okoh, the President of CAN, expressed deep concern over the challenges faced by Nigerians and called for immediate actions to address and alleviate the situation.

Okoh said: “While we acknowledge the complex and difficult decisions taken by the government to manage the nation’s economy, there is the urgent need to prioritize measures that will alleviate rather than exacerbate the existing poverty level and hardships of Nigerians.”

CAN further highlighted the economic strain experienced by Nigerians following the fuel price hike from N540 to N617, which has significantly hiked the cost of living.

“This has placed an enormous burden on the already struggling masses, making it extremely difficult for them to afford the basic necessities of life.

“While we agree that there is no gain without pain, the pain must not be unbearable,” Okoh emphasized.

CAN further appealed to Nigerians to be patient while concurrently urging the government to take urgent measures to ameliorate their hardships.

“Let us work together to build an economy that is inclusive, resilient, and offers opportunities for every Nigerian to thrive,” Okoh said.

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