Gov Fubara Unapologetic for Choosing Private School Education for His Children

Governor Siminialayi Fubara of Rivers State has asserted that he has no need to apologize for his decision to enrol his children in a private school for their elementary education, regardless of any potential criticism from the public.

Recently, he proudly attended the graduation ceremony of his son, Joseph, who was among the 2023 Grade Six Class at Private Green Oak International School in Port Harcourt.

Anticipating possible objections for not choosing public schools as an office holder, the governor addressed the matter, saying: “For the past two weeks, every morning, Joseph wakes up, comes to my bed and asks: are you attending my graduation?

“I was looking for an excuse but because of the way he was insisting, I don’t want to lose him. Let me as a government representing the good people of Rivers State commend this school.

“I know when I leave here, there might be a few interpretations of attending this graduation but the truth remains that I wanted a better standard above what we had at that time.

“This school was recommended and I can say that when I changed my children to Green Oak, I noticed a lot of improvement.

“As the only legacy you have is quality children, even if you have the whole houses in the world, have all the money, it amounts to nothing when you don’t have a worthy successor.

“What I owe them is the best and if the best is sending them to school that I believe in their skills, I do not owe anybody an apology for that. So, I thank you for what you’re doing. Don’t lower the bar.”

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