Keke Palmer, her Baby Daddy, Uju Anya and What is Wrong with the World[OPINION]

It was barely a year ago when Nigerian-born American educationist, Prof. Uju Anya made a mockery of Queen Elizabeth and her 70+ reign over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth on the occasion of her death just announced to the world that it is never wise to repay evil with evil.

There is no doubt that the retrogressive evil that was slavery and colonialism has left a lasting impression on the rest of humanity, but there’s no denying the equally retrogressive dastardly acts that were our African ancestors selling their own into slavery. Nor can one erase from our memories the inter-tribal feuds and the resulting blood baths that have been a mainstay before and after the era of Western colonialism and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Evil has been a constant staple in humanity’s storied history, so deep has it been engraved into our being that it has become indistinguishable in the words and utterances of both the left and the right. For with evil, the difference is in the up and the down, not the left and the right.

But with my learned elder sister, Prof. Anya, evil, it seems, is a concept about which she knows frighteningly little. Last September she reminded the world of why humanity is this depraved with her swaggering outbursts on the life and times of late Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. And again this afternoon, as if the world needed another reminder of man’s unkindness to mankind and most importantly, of why modern-day feminism is the perfect example of what is wrong with the world, she attempted to correct a wrong with words that are as wrong as wrong itself.

In case you have been living under a rock, actress Keke Palmer, yes the very Keke that warmed her way into our hearts back in the day with her starring role in 2006’s Akeelah and the Bee and who is now a mother(but not a wife), decided it was okay to wear a fitted, black bodysuit under a sheer dress to watch Usher perform at his Las Vegas Residency. Well, her baby daddy, Darius Daulton was having none of it, that he vented his displeasure on social media saying: “We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is,” he wrote in one tweet. “This is my family & my representation. I have standards & morals to what I believe. I rest my case.”

It was to this that Queen Elizabeth’s tormentor, Lady Anya, decided to blurt out her usual overly skewed and extreme commentaries in a tweet on Thursday. Take a read as this writer critics all three paragraphs:

“Useless man tweeting all that nonsense on a phone Keke bought and the data plan she pays for every month. A kept hoe should keep quiet.”

Love according to the natural man is a venture that is led by emotions, is devoid of truth telling and that leads to action on behalf of self(not another). Anya forgets that the main idea behind having a partner to love and be loved on is not so that you can be affirmed at all times, but that you can have a second opinion every now and then. You would think someone of Anya’s academic acumen would be as clear as day. You would think that Anya would know better than resort to argument ad hominem rather than address the concerns Mr. Daulton raised. But that’s the problem, we live in a world where a man who dares to tell his woman and the mother of his child not to go about butt-naked is vilified and told to shut up. If independence is what you crave, don’t get into a commitment with anyone and possibly live alone in the jungle. Secondly, Anya’s statement(that has now gone viral) “a kept hoe should keep quiet” turns the guns on her gender. By this, she is saying women who have men who misbehave have no right to complain because they are “kept hoes.” But the erudite professor is the biggest complainer against men, in a world where the majority of women are “kept hoes,” kept by men. If you want to talk sassy and coarsely, at least do so with objective reasoning, something Anya, with all her degrees, seems to be lacking.

A love that has no connection to the divine, neither bothers to appease to the vertical, but is only concerned with the sensual and is solely about the horizontal, is no love at all. Love by its very nature is transcendent, and it is only by appealing to the divine do we make sense of any horizontal affections.

“It’s absurd to appeal to patriarchal “morals and values” to dominate a woman while not fulfilling any patriarchal duties yourself. Men made the rules that tie their worth to money. Why y’all getting mad when I say that, according to those same rules, a broke man can’t talk?” First of all, the order of things as we see today is divinely ordained. God made men to be the providers and women the nurturers. It is not a role men have ordained for themselves. A basic knowledge of biology also proves this. The way men and women are built shows this clearly. Secondly, the “morals and values” of feminine decency and modesty she has so carelessly attributed to the patriarchy are moral codes engraved into our very nature as human beings, and not to a particular gender. To deny these morals and values are not equally held to by the matriarchy is absurd. That they(women) also hold them is why Prof. Anya doesn’t stand teaching before her students in her swimsuit.

Secondly, her claim that “men made the rule that tie their worth to money” is another example of judging a thing by its abuses, which in my experience is never a wise platform to build an argument on. It is like saying that because some women tie their worth to the ability to have kids(at least in the African context we do), a woman who can’t have kids can’t talk.

And by saying men tie their worth to money, she’s inadvertently saying women always expect their men to provide. A man not able to be a provider is like a woman not able to cook or have kids. So while trying to prove men are the ones who have attached their value to money, she’s admitting women also consider a man as worthy if he is able to provide. Ultimately, her logic is greatly skewed.

“You want a patriarchal lifestyle where you’re the head chief boss man while your woman is submissive, meek, modest, and deferent? That patriarchal lifestyle *also* means you’re the breadwinner, not sitting in your woman’s house insulting her on her phone while she’s outside WORKING.”

In the last paragraph, I’ll critique the couple. Mr. Daulton was wrong to call out his woman on social media. He should have known better than to do such a childish act. His actions show he doesn’t even know the woman who had a child for him. If decency is what he cares about, then a Hollywood actress should not have been his woman. His public rant is another example of what is wrong with the world. Issues don’t get resolved in public, they only get escalated. A real man would know this.

Secondly, Keke Palmer probably doesn’t see what she did as wrong. I mean she has been baring her body for some time now. Her not knowing where to draw the line, whether after becoming a mother or not, is another example of what is wrong with the world. Don’t people know that certain responsibilities come with certain lifestyle changes and certain constraints? Moderation that once defined the women of old is nowhere to be found in our today. It is all about what makes me comfortable and beautiful, not what makes others comfortable. Moderation aims to make the other person comfortable, because despite what these hedonistic narcissists think, it is not all about you. It is about others too.

In the final analysis, we don’t live for ourselves alone. We owe it to the people we claim we love in particular and the society in general to live upright lives. When we fail at this, we risk degradation in the magnitude we find ourselves in today.

Uju Anya’s comments are a good example of how not to handle conflicts. Her words are as wrong as they are senseless. Mr. Daulton’s concerns are genuine, but his public outburst was unwise and unmanly.

And Keke Palmer’s poor wardrobe choice is common in our day, but equally as wrong. No one wants to see the buttocks of a mother, least of all her child.

Together, these three remind us of what is wrong with the world.