Nigerian Coaches Far Better Than Waldrum —Super Falcons Star, Okobi

Super Falcons midfielder Ngozi Okobi has blasted head coach Randy Waldrum, saying he is not better than local coaches in Nigeria.

Okobi stated this following an interview Waldrum did with Pittsburgh Soccer Now (PSN) with the FIFA women’s World Cup just few weeks before commencement.

In the interview, Waldrum said his squad is not prepared the way they need to be, pointing out the lack of support he and the players have experienced in working with the Nigerian National Football Federation (NFF).

But reacting to the interview Okobi, who was dropped from Waldrum’s final 23 players for the World Cup, posited that the American is just making excuses knowing he will not perform.

“He is trying to find excuses because he knows he is going to fail but I must tell you Randy has been the luckiest one among all the coaches, I’m saying this based on experience what I know that has been happening,” Okobi said on Brila FM.

“This man is just bringing in all these excuses because he just want to let people know that he is not doing the wrong thing but he is actually doing the biggest wrong thing among all of them.

“He told them (NFF) he needed a camp in Nigeria which the federation didn’t want to because they don’t have money. I wish he would just get angry and leave the job if he feels he’s been frustrated, it’s not a must that he goes to the World Cup.

“It’s just sad that the NFF will allow him go Scot free on this interview he did and I know he cooked this one up. He is not someone you will help to blow an issue, he is someone you tell to shut up and go and sit outside.

“Randy is not a coach for the Super Falcons, forget about our differences right now he is the least coach that has been coaching the Super Falcons. Even our own local coaches they are far better than him, he doesn’t understand football. He couldn’t stand me making some things right that he didn’t teach us those are the things he’s fighting me for nothing else.

“He’s just seeking attention for people to look at him just in case he fails which I’m not praying for because I want them to go beyond the round of 16.“

The Falcons will take on Australia, Canada and Republic of Ireland in the group stage at this year’s World Cup which will run from July 20 to August 30.

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