“I Was Almost Barred From Passport Office Over Indecent Dressing,” Simi Recounts

Simisola Ogunleye, a well-known Nigerian singer and songwriter known as ‘Simi,’ shared a personal experience in which she encountered obstacles while attempting to enter a passport office due to her appearance.

In a recent Instagram video, Simi recounted the incident and revealed that she was initially refused entry into the office as her outfit was considered unsuitable.

To gain access, Simi had to adhere to the dress code requirements by removing her nose ring and earring.

Not revealing the name of the particular passport office, Simi said: “I went to the passport office to get my passport done and when I reached the gate, they said I should go back because I am indecently dressed.”

“I looked myself up and down, and asked, can you see anything in my body that is indecent? He said he cannot see, but ‘I should go back and wear something more ‘down’. I had to take out my nose ring, earring, and had to cover my chest with a little scarf. I was also asked to sing for them.”

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