Lady’s Bank Account Wiped Clean Using Sport Bet

A lady has been defrauded by internet scam artists popularly known as 419 or Yahoo boys of fifty thousand naira from her bank account.

Miss Abisoye Fadayiro Temitope disclosed on her Twitter handle that her ordeal in the hands of the internet criminals started when she noticed several transactions were authorized by her account to be paid to SportybetNG.

“I have never played sportybet in my life but I got multiple debit alerts just now to the tune of 50,000 naira and all were saying I funded a @SportyBetNG account. @PolarisBankLtd ,that’s all the money I have. Please help me. @cenbank”, she wrote.

Responding to a comment as to whether she has contacted the betting firm, she replied that they referred her to her bank since she did not have an account them.

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