NBA Calls For Arrest, Prosection Of Election Offenders

The Nigerian Bar Association has called for the detention and prosecution of any election-related criminals discovered during the recently completed presidential and gubernatorial elections.

Akorede Habeeb-Lawal, the organization’s national publicity secretary, issued a statement at the conclusion of the National Executive Council’s quarterly meeting, which was held in Kebbi on March 23, condemning the violence, voter intimidation, and bigotry based on tribe and ethnicity that were observed during the elections.

The statement reads: “NEC calls for the prosecution of identified electoral offenders.

“This will give citizens the opportunity to follow the proceedings, have better knowledge of the facts and an understanding of the reasoning behind decisions of the courts in those matters, particularly how the Electoral Act and other applicable laws are applied to election petition matters.

“The essence of the stickers, which will be produced, owned, and distributed by the NBA, is to tackle the inadequacy of the current sticker that is available on the streets and used by non-lawyers, including commercial motorists.’’

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