Geo-Political Instability, Monetary Tightening, Require Strategic Leadership For Success — UK Firm

The UK-based executive education and management consulting firm, TEXEM, has stated that the scars of COVID-19, geo-political instability and monetary tightening remain major global threats raising the dangerous level of volatility in the present times.

In a statement on its website (, the Director, Special Projects at TEXEM UK, Caroline Lucas, says these challenges have been unprecedented in recent years.

Lucas said that the recent failure of Niger Insurance in Nigeria, the collapse of critical Silicon Valley Bank and the historically impactful Credit Suisse, which was founded in 1858, confirms no organisation is immune from these existential risks.

She articulated that the increasingly unstable global financial ecosystem is heightened at this time when debt levels are very high, and the global economy is expected to slow down.

The director said that as a result, all organisations require strategic leadership to thrive.

Lucas said that to address these issues, TEXEM invites leaders to a virtual and engaging programme tagged “Strategic Leadership for Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods” in April.

She said the TEXEM programme comprises live, virtual and engaging sessions from April 15 to May 6.

“These volatile periods have significantly impacted organisations across various industries, resulting in an exodus of talent, depressed demand, high inflation, policy inconsistency, and low individual and organisational performance.

“In the face of these challenges, organisations require leaders with strategic leadership skills that can adapt and innovate to achieve enduring impact.

show participants how to think strategically in a way that will really make an impact during times of volatile change.

Anyone in a position of responsibility or leadership would benefit from the content of this workshop because all such people have to be confident in the quality of their strategic decision-making.

“As indeed do the people who work in the teams and organisations that they lead,” Delves said.

Prof. Paul Griffith,

the World’s first Professor of Management to lead a team that launched a rocket to space is a faculty.

“The key characteristic of organisations that are successful in navigating uncertainty and crisis situations is the strength of their strategic leadership.

“For executives in a leadership position who are ambitious to take their organisation to the next level of performance and create an outstanding legacy.

“Then, participating in the ‘Strategic Leadership for Enduring Impact in Volatile Periods’ programme will help you and your team take confident steps in steering your organisation to future success,” he said.

Ambassador Charles Crawford, winner of the equivalent of two Oscars, will also deliver lectures during the programme.

“This programme makes participants think about what they are doing, not least in balancing short-term and long-term considerations wisely.

“Participants learn to ‘Go Deeper’ – to think clearly about what a problem or challenge they face is really about – what exactly is at stake?

“If you don’t have a test of success and a test of failure for what you are doing, why are you doing it?,” Crawford said.

Prof. Rodria Laline,

the developer of the intellectual property used in the chip on every ATM card is another faculty.

“Strategic leadership is not just about making the right decisions; it’s about inspiring and engaging others to embrace change and achieve success in times of uncertainty and scarce resources,” Laline noted.

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