Why doing more WON’T make you Less Bored[OPINION]

Boredom makes people keen to engage in activities that they think are more meaningful than those at hand. But in the end, as u keep chasing after a new thrill, novel experience, u soon find that even that new experience eventually gets boring. We find people, life, things unremarkable because we fail keenly observe them.

There is a lot to explore in life, than just been fixated on the little routines we occupy ourselves with. Why are we more bored today, when we have 100 inch TV’s, phones, theme parks, and high-speed Internet with which to communicate? Why were our parents who had none of these far more fulfilled and alive than our generation?

If exploring more, or doing more is what kills boredom, why do we still get bored after doing so much today?

Why were they never depressed, less suicidal? Maybe it is because the things we spend time doing today are not very fulfilling.

There’s nothing inherently fulfilling about endless scrolling through the streets of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. There’s nothing very fulfilling about sharing pictures with people who don’t even know you.

I’m not saying don’t ever watch a movie or look at your phone, only realize that those are choices made out of desire, not out of necessity.
Sometimes the mind needs a little break from mental fast food.

There is always more to be observed, learned, analyzed, experienced… life always offers more. We confine ourselves to certain mediums of entertainment.

When you hang out with a person, live in the moment, don’t be one eye on your phone and one eye on the clock, waiting for when you can leave to go and look at strangers online.

Our parents didn’t need to take a break from this mental junk food, that’s why they lived more fully.

As a person, I’m never bored. Because to me, boredom is an illusion. A choice.

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