AY Reveals What Led To The Feud Between Himself And Basketmouth

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ayodeji Richard Makun, also known as AY Makun, has revealed that he and his colleague — Bright Okpocha, also known as Basketmouth, got into a fight over N30,000 that wasn’t paid to him.

In an interview with well-known media figure Chude Jideonwo, AY made this disclosure, saying it was a particular event he attended in which the organisers had expected Basketmouth to be present.

He said: “Usually, what we get at that time is ₦30,000. ₦30,000 at that time was everything to me.

“N30,000 would buy me my pack of [noodles], recharge cards, fuel for my generator. [It allowed me] to pay just one or two people to join me to do one or two skits that I can just quickly put out.

“I got this job and the people weren’t too happy to see me because they were expecting a Basketmouth to come. Long story short, the guy was later happy after the performance. There was an exchange of contact. Then I left.

“Two weeks running, I hadn’t seen ₦30,000. Because I didn’t see the ₦30,000, I was starving in Iponri. I decided to ask for ₦30,000 and he said this person hasn’t remitted. He said they were not happy.”

AY said it was when he shared a picture of his chats with both parties that a fight broke out, adding that the issue led to the feud.

He added: “It was very funny to hear from them that this full payment has been made long before the event.”

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