Samklef: All Songs Can’t Be Evergreen

Nigerian musician and producer —Samuel Oguachuba, popularly known as Samklef, believes that not all released songs will be timeless.

The musician noted this in an interview with Sunday Scoop, where he said: “Music is a universal language, and I believe that not all songs can be evergreen. Some songs are made to address situations, while some are solely for entertainment purposes. Once in a while, some artists would ‘catch a vibe’ and make music that would last, even after they are no longer alive. However, I do not believe that the days of good music and evergreen songs are gone. Artists just need to calm down, and not be pressured to churn out trendy songs and make fast money. Some songs don’t even last for more than three months.”

Asked about the inspiration behind his new song, Give Thanks, on which he featured Victor AD, he said, “The song had been made for a while, but I am just releasing it now because it speaks to the current situation of things. It might not be the most commercially successful song, but it speaks; and I hope the people that need the message will listen to it.”

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