Mr Macaroni Files Lege Miami ₦‎50 Million Lawsuit For Defamation

Nigerian comedian and activist, Mr Macaroni, has filed a ₦‎50 million lawsuit against actor Adams Kehinde, also known as Lege Miami, on grounds of defamation.

This is coming after Lege Miami called out Mr Macaroni after he shared a video advising the youths against tribal wars and letting politicians use them as a tool of destruction.

In his words, the actor said: “Debo what’s your problem, ki lo fe. Your Oga don do one, you wan start another thing. If our government no good, the Hausas wouldn’t support us. Some parts of Igbos supported us and this is Lagos State. You are giving them wrong information. Mr devil what’s your information, can’t you leave the youths alone. Are you the only youth? You are even older than me so you aren’t a youth anymore. You are old, stop all the things you are doing. [sic]”

Mr Macaroni through Falana and Falana’s chambers has now sued the actor on grounds of defamatory and derogatory comments.

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