19-year-old leads Police on High-speed chase & ends up Crashing into a Truck[VIDEO]

A teenager was pursued driving over 100mph before he fatally crashed.

Scene of the crash.

Police in homicide England released video of a high-speed chase through the East Yorkshire countryside.

The police said a 19-year-old took a joy ride in a Ford Fiesta that could have resulted in the death of many.

The driver swerved so many times between lanes until a swerve at the wrong time sent the small car ramming into a 29 tonne truck.

The police car which was in pursuit also hit the Fiesta as it ricocheted back towards the police car.

Emergency services soon got to the scene and confirmed that the truck driver and the police driver sustained minor injuries.

The 19-year-old was in a coma for four days following the accident that took place in July 2022 and is still recovering.

Last week, a judge sentenced him to a 12 month prison sentence but he avoided jail time because the sentence was suspended for two years. In addition, he was also banned from driving for two years.

He’ll have to take an extended driver’s license test before he’s allowed to drive again.

Curled FROM| YouTube: Inside Edition

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