Rape, killings, as Christian Persecution skyrocket in China, Myanmar

A new wave of persecution in China and Myanmar in attempt to quash the population of Christians is on the rise.

In China, communist officials are stepping up raids against one of the country’s larger churches as part of the so called “stability maintenance measures,” ahead of the National People’s Congress(NPC).

And in Myanmar, more atrocities there as soldiers destroy a village in the central part of the country, raping women and beheading 17 villagers.

In addition, authorities recently arrested a Baptist pastor.

According to Ambassador Sam Brownback, who is the co-chair International Religious Freedom Summit, Xi Jinping regime is gradually turning into a full Mao regime.

He added that China’s president, Jinping is using the country’s abundant technology at his disposal to go after faith communities like Chairman Mao did during his cultural “cleanup” back in the day.

An example of this is the government now requires people to register on their phones to be able to attend church, said Brownback. This way they’re able to track them and shut the places of worship down. One of such churches is the Early Rain Covenant Church.

One of the more prominent pastors there, Wang Yi(pictured above) has been in prison for more than three years, simply for being the leader of the Early Rain Covenant Church and for writing a manifesto insisting that him and his church will serve God instead of the government.

Excerpts from Pastor Wang Yi’s manifesto.

Last year alone, about 8, 000 members of the persecuted Mayflower Church fled China to Thailand, where they are now refugees and are seeking asylum in the US.

As it would be expected, Thailand wants to send them back to China. And according to Brownback, it is not clear what Joe Biden and the American Congress is doing to help these people.

Same is happening in neighbouring Myanmar or Burma, where about 17 people were killed recently.

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