Mr. P Exemplifies His Marriage To Shun Tribalism

Afrobeats superstar, Peter Okoye, popularly has spoken about the tribal animosities ravaging the country, on the back of the general elections.

Speaking specifically about the feud between Igbos and Yorubas, Mr. P calls for peace between both tribes, citing his marriage to Omolola as an example why tribalism shouldn’t be encouraged in the country.

He also claimed that Politicians are using tribal squabbles as a cover for their questionable behavior. He advised the populace to show wisdom and refrain from being exploited to further ethnic rivalries.

In his words, the singer said: “I am an Igbo man married to a Yoruba woman Igbos do not hate Yorubas. Neither do Yorubas hate Igbos. Politicians are using tribes as an excuse to cover their evil.

“They don’t like you whether Igbo or Yoruba. They only care about their pockets. Be wiser.”

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