Lagos State Belongs To The Portuguese — Seun Kuti

Nigerian Afrobeat singer and the son of the late Fela Kuti, Seun Kuti claims in his recent controversial take that Lagos State belongs to the Portuguese.

In a recent series of Instagram posts, Kuti asserted that Lagos belonged to the Portuguese because they were the first Europeans to enter the region. He contended that since the Portuguese had built a trading post there before other Europeans’ arrival, they had a rightful claim to the area.

The musician justifies his claim by pointing out that the Portuguese gave Lagos its name. He claimed that whoever names someone or something owns it.

In his words, he said: “Lagos is no man’s land – wrong. Lagos is yoruba land – wrong again. Lagos is a European satellite slave port – correct!! you don’t know Lagos!! Hey, ode look here, Lagos is a Portuguese word. It is called the slave coast. Learn your history, you no go gree.

“Everyone moved to Lagos to slave!! All prominent Lagos elites are slavers. Defend your masters all you want!! Why Ibadan no get Portuguese name? Wetin be the french name of Oshogbo? He who names it owns it.”

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