This bird can swallow a fish Bigger than it’s throat[VIDEO]

Ever seen a bird swallow a fish whole, even if the fish is about by the size of the bird’s beak, if not bigger?

Here the cormorant, an aquatic bird, can be seen swallowing a large mouth bass fish.

But what is a cormorant?Cormorants are primarily fish-eaters, but may also eat aquatic invertebrates and even water snakes.

Cormorant, also called shag, is any member of about 26 to 30 species of water birds constituting the family Phalacrocoracidae (order Pelecaniformes or Suliformes). In the Orient and elsewhere these glossy black underwater swimmers have been tamed for fishing.

Cormorants are expert divers. Some dive as deep as 45 metres (150 feet). They speed along underwater via their webbed feet, using their wings as rudders. Some colonies of cormorants have been observed herding fish for more efficient hunting.

Cormorants are not considered a game species or traditional sporting species by hunters. They are not good to eat because of their fishy diet.

Many cultures consider cormorants a symbol of nobility and indulgence. In more recent history, the cormorant is considered a good luck charm for fishermen, or a talisman that will bring a fisherman a bountiful catch.

The cormorant interferes with aquaculture producers, commercial fisheries, fish-related business, and water quality

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