We Will Accept The Election Results, As Long As It’s Free & Fair — NNPP

Ladipo Johnson, the spokesperson for the New Nigeria Peoples Party Presidential Campaign Council, said his party is going to accept the election results, and possibly work with the winner, as long as it’s free and fair.

Johnson made this known in a comprehensive interview with The Punch, where he also revealed the party’s confidence in their candidate — Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

When asked about the rumours that some northern leaders wanted Kwankwaso to step down for another candidate, the spokesperson said: “I will say that it’s some people in the North. It is like a playbook that has been done before.

“The presidential candidate of the PDP reached out to get some people to go round so that the North will speak with one voice and support him, or maybe Senator Kwankwaso should support him because he is older. But unfortunately, Kwankwaso is not just coming to be the candidate of the north but for the people; the masses across the country.

“He wants to represent the voiceless, provide adequate security, turn around the economy and many other things. So, if someone wants to be the candidate of the north alone. Well so be it. We want to be the candidate of the people, represent the interest of the people in all regions and religious beliefs around the country.”

Ladipo also spoke about the possible results, and Kwankwaso’s next steps, going forward.

He said if the ex-Kano Governor wins, he’ll be willing to work with other people across the different political parties, and if he losses, he’ll be happy to render his help, if called upon, in the same vein.

“Definitely, he has said he will look for the best hands for positions. He is going to govern Nigerians and not just the NNPP, Kano State or the North. He will engage them because they are also Nigerians,” the NNPP spokesperson said on the possibility of winning.

While on a possible loss, he said: “We are people who believe in Nigeria and as long as we have free and fair elections, there is no problem. What we will do is to continue to look at what the government is doing. If they seek assistance, we will also assist them. If what they are doing is wrong, we will say so. We will continue to participate in the process.”

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