Yahaya Bello allegedly cuts off Road leading to Natasha Okpoti’s hometown to stop INEC Officials

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state has given the reason behind his decision to dig a ditch in one of the roads in his state.

The APC governor reported had the road leading to Natasha Okpoti’s hometown, a day before the national assembly and presidential elections.

Asked why he did that, Mr. Bello said that was done to forestall security in Kogi state, and protect them from terrorist.

According to Mrs. Natasha Okpoti, who is the senatorial candidate of Kogi Central under the auspices of the PDP, about five places have been escavated on the road leading to her hometown, making it completely impossible for vehicles to ply the road.

In a video seen on Instagram, Mrs. Okpoti filmed the extent of the damage caused.

So far, Natasha Okpoti and her supporters have filled two of the excavated ditches on the road. She has a construction company, so they’ve made two of the roads pliable. Otherwise, there’ll be no election in her hometown tomorrow. She confirmed off camera that altogether 5 roads were excavated.

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