Wendie Renard Retires from International football ahead of Women’s World Cup

Captain of France’s women’s national team, Wendie Renard, has decided to quit despite the imminent Women’s World Cup.

Renard announced on Twitter that she was leaving the team with immediate effect due to her lack of faith in the current staff set-up of the French women’s team.

Many believe this to be a direct reference to current France women’s national team coach, Corinne Diacre who has already had fallouts with many senior players including France’s all-time top scorer Eugénie Le Sommer, as well as Sarah Bouhaddi and former captain Amandine Henry.

Renard cited a lack of professionalism in the French coaching staff as her major grouse with the coaches and lambasted them for being below what is required at the top level.

Her post on Twitter read, “It’s with a heavy heart that I’m sending you this message to inform you of my decision to take a step back from the French team. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing this World Cup in these conditions.

“I love France more than anything, I’m not perfect, far from that, but I can no longer condone the current system far from the requirements of the highest level,”.

She further stated that her decision to leave was solely based on this, and only became necessary to stop her from losing her mind.

“It’s a sad but necessary day to preserve my sanity. My face can hide the pain, but my heart hurts… and I don’t want to hurt anymore.

“Thank you for your support and respecting my decision.” She concluded.

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