Tanzanian fashion designer accuses former Biden official of stealing her luggage & wearing her clothes

Samuel Brinton, a former Biden Energy official, who likes to cross dress, and who goes by the pronouns they/them, has been accused of luggage theft by a Tanzanian fashion designer.

Brinton is facing charges for alleged airport baggage theft following reports that he is in the habit of stealing women’s luggage at airports to take their clothes, which he proceeds to wear to public events. Clearly Mr. Brinton has a fetish for stealing and wearing women’s clothes.

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Brinton, who is non-binary, was released from a Minnesota facility Wednesday, Feb. 22, without bail, after he was arrested for allegedly stealing at some airports.

After Fox News reported about Brinton’s luggage charge, Asya Khamsin, a Tanzanian fashion designer, searched for him and saw Brinton wearing the custom-made clothes that she had reported missing from a Washington, DC.airport in 2018.

The fashion designer who has made her own clothing for years, tweeted photos showing some of the clothes she lost and then Brinton wearing the same outfits.

Khamsin wrote: “My name is Asyakhamsin tanzanian fashion designer based in houston Texas USA.

“I lost my bag 2018 in DCA recently I heard the news on FoxNews about sam Brinton luggage issue surprisingly I found his images wore my custom made outfits which was in the lost bag on 2018.”

Before Khamsin’s post, Brinton was charged with stealing a woman’s luggage worth $2,325 near the baggage claim area at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport on Sept. 16.

A judge ordered him to not have contact with any of the victims. He was slated to appear in court Dec. 19, but the date was changed at the request of his lawyers.

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