2023 Presidency: Every Christian That Votes For Peter Obi Is Voting For Tinubu – Daniel Bwala

As Nigerians finalize their preparations for the 2023 presidential election, which will be held tomorrow, Saturday, February 25, Daniel Bwala, a member of the Atiku-Okowa presidential campaign council (PCC), has stated that every Christian vote cast for Peter Obi is a vote for Ahmed Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Mr. Bwala claimed that Tinubu was instrumental in Peter Obi’s success at some of his campaign rallies across the country because he knew that a vote for the latter would benefit him.

The PDP presidential campaign spokesman, speaking on Channels Television’s “The 2023 Verdict,” stated that he received an intelligence report several weeks ago that Tinubu was knowingly paying people to attend Obi’s rallies in order to keep the Labour Party campaign going.

Bwala said, “I’m speaking about Peter Gregory Obi because the questions we get usually suggest that Obi is a modern phenomenon and that he is this and that. Let me even touch on religion, and I’d like to address my people. In this campaign, he used religion to stir people’s emotions and sentiments.

“On one side, there is jihad, and on the other, there is a Christian war. Let me tell you right now that every Christian who votes for Peter Obi is also voting for Tinubu. That is why APC is keeping an eye on things.

“I received information not more than three weeks ago that Bola Tinubu and the APC were paying people to attend Obi’s rallies in order to keep him in the race. They believe that as long as Obi’s campaign is active, he will steal PDP votes.”

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