Leadership Is About Character Not Eloquence, Good Looks – Keyamo

Mr. Festus Keyamo, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign (PCC) spokesperson says leadership is about character and not eloquence, good looks, or fluency in speech.

He said this on Sunday in Abuja at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum, adding that criminals could also have such qualities.“Fraudsters are smooth talkers, they are not leaders, leadership is not smooth talk, it is the character, and that is why President Muhammadu Buhari is one of the best leaders in Africa.

“This is especially in terms of integrity which had endeared him to most people, even members of the opposition political parties,” Kayemo said.

He added that, unlike some leaders, Buhari who would be leaving office in less than three months’ time, had no magnificent building or mansion waiting for him.

“Buhari will return to his old house in Daura, Katsina after leaving office as president on May 29,” Keyamo said. He said that character was necessary for leadership and not too much talk.

He added that although Tinubu may not be a smooth talker like some people, he had achieved a lot.

“He has character, achievements, and records behind him and that is why he is the best candidate for Nigeria.

“If elected as the country’s next president, Tinubu will do some things differently, especially those things he thinks are not working presently.

“For instance, he already has his own ideas on improving the country’s security he will bring to the table if elected.

“And he has already given his own idea on how he thinks the current naira re-design and cashless policy should go,” Keyamo said.

He added that the former two-term governor of Lagos State had always given his thoughts on national issues which showed that he had his own approach.

Keyamo appealed to Nigerians not to be deterred by the Naira redesign and cashless policy, saying they should come out in their numbers to vote.

According to him, the more they vote, the more credible the elections will be.

“We want to appeal to Nigerians, the policy as it is today, there is nothing we can do about it, it is being implemented.

“But that should not hamper them from voting, we beg them, we appeal to them to come out en masse to vote.

“For those who want to vote out of anger, just express your anger against those supporting the policy to punish you and vote for those fighting for you who are APC governors,” Keyamo said.

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