Sowore: Why INEC Boss Must Be An Activist

The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Mahmood Yakubu, must “be an activist,” according to Omoyele Sowore, the African Action Congress’ presidential candidate, if he is to oversee a free and fair election in the near future.

Speaking during a meeting with political parties that INEC organised in Abuja, the AAC candidate urged the chairman of the commission to be open about the situation of the upcoming elections.

“This is the time to be an activist yourself,” Sowore told Yakubu.

“In our last meeting, I proposed very strongly that before we grant the CBN the opportunity to handle sensitive materials, we should meet with the board of the CBN.

“That was my position at the last meeting. It was as if I was seeing into the future, but some (people) did not agree with me.”

Sowore added: According to INEC rules, I can’t vote in Abuja, I have to travel to Ondo State to go and vote.”

“There is a monetary crisis in this country and no matter what they are doing to assure you of protection, they have no power to protect you.

“You should worry about the Nigerian people out there who, as I was coming this morning, were queuing up in every bank available in the country.

The fact there is no petrol or gasoline to move your materials around should bother you,” he told the INEC boss.

He said the whole country was looking up to INEC and Yakubu would be blamed if the election failed.

“Wear the garment of your conscience. If you feel you cannot hold the election, can’t cry out now.

“You have a historical duty to make this election work, if you think you are being sabotaged, cry out now,” Sowore said.

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