Oyedepo Declares Three-Day Fasting & Prayer Ahead Of 2023 Elections

The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Worldwide, LFC, popularly known as Winners Chapel, David Olaniyi Oyedepo, has asked for three days of prayer and fasting to preserve Nigeria’s soul before the upcoming elections.

Oyedepo, who had repeatedly urged people not to elect President Buhari, said we needed to ask for pardon for our sins during the Church’s third service in Ota.

The clergyman said: ” This came with a note of urgency. How many want to see the security of lives and property restored in Nigeria?

“How many want to see a nation where parents can send their children and wards to school without the fear of kidnapping, abduction or evil things?

“How many want to see the right kind of leaders emerge at all levels in the forthcoming general elections?

“How many want to see a crisis-free election?

“I am directed to declare a 3-day prayer and fasting across the nation.

“We pray that Nigeria will not go through the hardship it has gone through these eight years. God-chosen people will emerge, and Nigeria will not go through the cruelty that it had gone through the last eight years. Nigeria will not suffer the wickedness it has suffered in the last eight years. Nigeria shall not see war.”

He added: “All mongers of war will be laid to rest. We shall be together in unity, there shall be prosperity in the land. “All fears shall be over, sound security shall be restored, and the name of the Lord shall be glorified.”

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