Man builds aeroplane House to fulfil his Lifelong Dream of Flying

Chrach Pov’s lifelong dream has always been to fly in a plane.

But fear has long kept the 43-year-old on the ground. So since he has not been able to overcome his fear of heights, the Cambodian man has decided to build a house of his dreams- a plane home.

That’s right. Asked why he undertook such a project, Mr. Pov said “the reason I build this aeroplane house is because it is my dream of wanting to fly one day, although I’m scared of being inside one(actual plane).”

“So I built my own aeroplane house in which I can go inside, sleep and use the bathroom, and now I’m very excited to get it done.”

Mr. Pov’s house which is made of concrete has simulated engines, wings and a plane tail, things you would see on a normal plane.

The plane house measures 66 feet long(20m), 13 feet wide(4m) and 20 feet high(6m).

According to Pov, he used his savings working 30 years as a construction worker to build the house of his dreams. Those savings translate to $20, 000, that is the naira equivalent of just over N9.2m.

He said he will need more money to complete the house, but for now he is happy with what he has achieved.

Pov‘s peculiar home as even become a tourist attraction to many. He charges 2000 riel($0.5) for locals to come see the house, and twice as much for foreigners.

Despite his achievement, Pov still has not given up his dream to fly an actual plane some day.

SOURCE: YOUTUBE| South China Morning Post

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