APGA’s Nweke Jr Promises Frank, Accessible, Compassionate Goverment

Chief Frank Nweke , the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) governorship candidate in Enugu, has promised the residents of Enugu of an accessible and compassionate government, if elected in 2023.

Nweke made this promise when he interacted with the Abakpa Market traders on Thursday during his campaign visit.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Nweke had been visiting markets in the state and engaging with residents directly, assuring of visionary and good governance.

Moving from street to street in the large market, Nweke interacted with residents and addressed them of his government’s good intentions for the people.

Nweke urged the people to rise up in line with the words of his popular jingle (Kunie) and take back the state from the “poor performing People’s Democratic Party (PDP).”

He highlighted the advantages of APGA as the party of the people founded by great Igbo leaders such as late Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu on the principle of shared prosperity.

“For us in APGA, it is about our collective progress; APGA goverment will not be like the 24 years of PDP, bedevelled with water scarcity and insecurity.

“We have had 24 years of the PDP with no water to show for it, insecurity is at an all-time high, workers and pensioners do not get paid.

“It is time to make a change to a leadership that will focus on the people and your well-being, that is what APGA is offering to you,” he said.

in response, Mr Chinedu Odika, a trader said that the APGA flag bearer was remarkably humane, and real gentleman who is credible with lots of potential to govern the state.

“Nweke is up and doing, honestly I believe that he will deal with all these problems that we are having and Enugu State will be great again.

“Other parties have failed us, they bring a broom and use it to make Enugu dirty and other party bring umbrella, and it is not even good.

“APGA cock sounds the alarm telling us it is morning that we should wake up, that is a sign of greatness and it showed that Nweke is the man that will wake Enugu State up,” Odika said.

Mrs Nnenna Onyewu, a fish seller, challenged the APGA candidate to provide an honest government that will keep its word to the people.

“We do not need government that gives us a lot of promises without keeping to them and at the end of the day, we masses are being used and dumped.

“We want good governance this time around that will serve us, our children and give us security in this state.

“The masses are hungry and need a government that will expunge it because, we do not see anything good coming out of the government of the day,” she said.

She urged Nweke to be upright and honest in governing the people of the state, if elected.

Mr Patrick Onyia, a shop owner, said he appreciated seing Nweke in person, come into the market to address the masses and that showed how he loved his people.

Onyia said that Nweke’s humility showed that he would remember the needy and promised to give APGA his vote during the general elections.

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