AY: 2023 Is Going To Be A Different One For Nigerian Youths

Nigerian youths will alter the narrative of the leaders in government through their votes since 2023 is a crucial year, according to Nollywood actor and comedian— Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY.

The entertainer claimed that the younger generation had previously been taught to believe that their votes didn’t matter, but he insisted that they would turn out in large numbers to cast ballots in the general elections slated for February 25 and March 11.

These claims were made by AY at a panel discussion at a US Consulate General event on “Youth Involvement in the Democratic Process” on Thursday at the American Corner in Ikeja, Lagos.

The comedian said: “Nigerian youths are ready. It is a critical time. We haven’t gotten the needed satisfaction from the government. Before now, Nigerian youths were lackadaisical and cajoled to believe our votes didn’t count. But in 2023, the narrative will change.

“This 2023 is going to be a different one. Even, we that are entertainers are fighting one another over the choice of the candidates we support on social media,” AY added.

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