PHOTOS| Man opens Abuja factory where he can produce 2000 Electric Cars

Nigerian man who went viral for producing electric cars in Borno on a shoestring budget, has launched a factory in Abuja to produce 2000 units of the electric vehicles.The man, Mustapha Gajibo, named the vehicles “Kaande.”According to Mr. Gajibo, “our Abuja mega factory have commenced operations with manufacturing of the “KAANDE” model, the factory is set to produce 2000 units of this model the first year.

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  1. This vision is so amazing that a Nigerians could set up electric car manufacturing company Borno state. Federal government should support him with fund for extensive R&D on designs,interior accessories and sparts.Nigerians should start patronize the local car manufacturers. Germans buys their cars likewise Japan, France, U.S, China and other countries patronizes their local automobile industries. Let’s build our country buy locally made cars.

  2. I love this but i will buy from 2nd batch.Borno people r very intelligent

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