JUST IN: Gunmen strike the home of the Imo Assembly LP candidate once more.

destroy cars and homes

In the early hours of Saturday, unidentified gunmen attacked the rural home of Dr. Nnaemeka Obiaraeri, the Labour Party’s candidate for the Imo State House of Assembly seat in the Okigwe Local Government Area.

The shooters who are alleged to have invaded the location in three vehicles demolished and burned down his home, his automobiles, and those of his father and uncles.

In a statement he personally released on Saturday morning, Obiaraeri acknowledged the assault on his rural house.

The LP candidate cited “failure of the APC-led administrations in the state and at the center” as the cause of the attack.

Obiaraeri lamented, “Just got another share of the dreadful situation of insecurity in Nigeria,” in the statement.

He said, “Gunmen went to my country home in Amagu Ihube to burn down my house and burn to ashes my functioning factory cars parked there, no doubt known to their supporters.

“They also demolished my father’s and my uncle’s homes… My elderly mother and siblings are in distress!

“Without anyone intervening, three Hilux vehicles filled with robbers and murderers set fire to homes and injured people.

“I have no idea who I insulted or why somebody would want to destroy me. I haven’t consumed anyone else’s fish or yam.

The APC governments in Imo State and Aso Rock, Nigeria, have once again failed to uphold their oath of office to safeguard the lives and property of law-abiding Nigerians. Complete failure on the part of authorities.

This further supports our appeal to Nigerians to choose their PVCs and participate in the election of Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed of Nigeria’s Next President and Vice President will be chosen by the Labour Party.

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