Canadian Adolescent Hits The $48 Million Lottery Jackpot On The First Try

Juliette Lamour instantly sought the advice of a financial advisor, or “Dad,” as she refers to him, after winning the lottery jackpot on her first attempt.

The 18-year-old is the youngest Canadian to ever win such a significant prize after winning C$48 million ($35.8 million; £29.7 million).

But whereas many teenagers who find themselves suddenly wealthy would lose control, Juliette plans to stay grounded.

The college student wants to complete her education and pursue a career as a doctor.

She said on Friday before the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation that she had shed some “happy tears,” as she had done the previous month.

I still can’t believe I used my very first lottery ticket to win the Gold Ball jackpot!

Before learning that a resident of her community had won the jackpot on January 7, Juliette, of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, claimed to have completely forgotten about the lottery ticket. A jingle began to play as soon as she opened a smartphone app to check her ticket, and the words “Big Winner” appeared across the screen. My colleague was so shocked that he dropped to his knees,” Juliette added. “He was shouting. Everyone was shouting that I had won $48 million, in fact.” Her mother insisted she stay to finish her shift against her boss’s advice to go early. The majority of the windfall, according to Juliette, would be “carefully” invested with the advice of her father, a money manager. Her father actually gave her the best piece of advice thus far His suggestion to purchase the Lotto 6/49 Quick Pick was financial advice. Without having to worry about grants or loans, Juliette intends to invest some of the money in order to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. In order to practice medicine and give back to her community, she plans to move back to northern Ontario. However, Juliette does have some fun in mind for the money from the prize. My family and I will choose a continent and begin touring after school is over, she stated. I want to visit several nations, learn about their histories and cultures, sample their cuisine, and learn their languages. She also hopes to heed some of the counsel given to her by close ones. She said, “Money doesn’t define you. “It’s the work you do that will define you.”


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