2 Former SARS Operatives Are Given Death Sentences For Homicide

The two cops were convicted guilty of murdering two individuals in SARS custody.

Two officers from the now-defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have been convicted and sentenced to death by hanging by a Port Harcourt High Court.

The cops were on trial for the extrajudicial killings of Michael Akor and Michael Igwe, who died in detention after being apprehended in 2015 for allegedly stealing recharge cards in Oyigbo, Oyigbo Local Government Area, Rivers State.

Remember that Shedrack Ibibo and Magus Awuri were tried with three other SARS squad members: ASP Samuel Chigbu, Ogoligo, and Olisa Emeka.

However, ASP Samuel Chigbu and Ogoligo died in detention in the Port Harcourt Correctional Centre, while the trial of Ibibo, Awuri, and Emeka continued.

The trial Judge, Justice M.O Opara, ruled Ibibo and Awuri guilty of conspiracy to kill in her ruling, but acquitting Emeka.

In response to the verdict, the state prosecution council expressed satisfaction with the conclusion of the trial, claiming that justice had been done.

“The court determined that they were genuinely guilty of murdering the two deceased victims,” she stated.

“The court dismissed and acquitted Olisa Emeka based on the findings of the court, because the prosecution did not establish his case about the final individual.

“I am pleased that the family of the deceased has received justice as a result of the judgement.

“It will hopefully act as a deterrence to other police officers and provide some closure to the families of the deceased.”

While addressing to reporters, Kathrine Akoro, one of the victims’ mothers, expressed joy at the verdict, saying the convicted cops will now get a taste of their own medicine.

“They killed my kid and stole our stuff in 2011,” she stated. My son advised me to forgive them, let them go, and return the items they stole.

“I told you that if you’re hauling all that things, bring my son and I’ll be OK. I am grateful to God that He has battled for me. I am content.

“They stated that area is ideal for everyone who slaughtered innocent people and forced them to the grave. They’ve already put it through its paces. They tried the remaining one here today.”

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