Presidential Election: NBA Vows To Prevent Ex-Convicts From Contesting

Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), announced yesterday that it will use legal means to ensure that no convicted felons would be permitted to run in the upcoming presidential election.

The legal organisation, represented by its President Mr Yakubu Maikyau, stated during the state of the national press conference in Abuja: “As far as we are concerned, these remain claims that have not been proven against the standard set by the law.

The alleged involvement in drugs and corruption are mere allegations that have not been proven.

“If anyone has evidence of conviction of any of the presidential candidates, please make it available and we will take it up from there.

“It is a constitutional requirement that if there is conviction the person stands disqualified. Even the Electoral Act also has provisions that makes anyone with history of conviction ineligible to stand for election.

“So, we will be glad to see any evidence and we will employ the instrumentality of the law to make sure that no convict stands for election in this country”, the NBA President stated.

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