Tinubu Pledges Continued Support To Buhari

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, has denied any differences of opinion with President Muhammadu Buhari, calling the latter’s support unwavering and durable.

Speaking at the APC rally today in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State, Tinubu promised to use the state’s agricultural potential to address its developmental issues.

Rendering his speech, the former Lagos State governor said: “I have supported Buhari even before his first day in office. I will continue to be his supporter and friend after his last day in office.

“He tackled the problems other leaders ran from. He has earned a place in history that cannot be denied.

“I have said this before and will say it again now: when the true history of this moment is written, President Buhari shall be treated very kindly because of his contributions to the nation,” he said.

Urging the people to reject opposition candidates, Tinubu said, “Their vision for Nigeria is the vision of one who cannot see. They seek to enrich themselves by making you poor. They want to eat everything so that you might go hungry. They want to own everything but leave you with nothing.

“We stand here today to affirm that our vision for a greater Nigeria will triumph over their blind vision for a broken Nigeria. Remember, where there is blind vision, there is also blind ambition.

“We will not allow their selfish games to overtake you. Buhari has done his part to free Nigeria from its mean grip. Now, we must do our part by freeing you from the selfish plans they have for you and our beloved land.

“Do not let those others fool you into returning to the past where you had no hope and had no say regarding the life you shall live and the future you shall enter. The APC remains the best and only hope for a more prosperous and peaceful nation,” he added.

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