Tinubu’s Camp Claims Bullion Vans Present At His House During 2019 General Elections Missed Address

The bullion vans observed approaching Bola Tinubu’s mansion on the day of the 2019 presidential election “missed their way there,” according to Ayodele Adewale, the All Progressives Congress’s state organising secretary for Lagos.

The bullion van situation had long since been resolved, the APC spokesman stated during an appearance with Arise TV on Thursday.

“On the bullion van or no bullion van and all of that, I think that matter has been put to rest. There was no money in the bullion van. The bullion vans that even came missed their way to have come there.

“I was in that house on that very day and it was not on an election day. The bullion vans missed their way to have come there,” Adewale said.

Defending the incident further, Adewale said, “There are some companies that have high (number of) staff (members); that pay their staff with cash; that bullion van missed its way there, and it was not invited by Asiwaju or anybody.”

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