Don’t Vote Based On Ethnicity — Peter Obi Warns Gombe Residents

With 30 days left to the 2023 General Elections, Peter Obi, Labour Party (LP) Presidential candidate has urged the electorates of Gombe State to avoid casting their votes based on their sentiments.

Speaking to female supporters in Gombe on Wednesday, Obi remarked that the country’s residents had not profited from voting solely on feelings.

He claimed that voting someone out of office based on their race or religion would not improve the citizens’ welfare.

In his words, Peter Obi said: “Don’t vote for anybody because he is from the North, if they tell you they are from the North, tell them you are hungry, your children are hungry and have no jobs.

“You have been voting for the North. What did you get from voting the North? Do you buy bread cheaper because you are from the North?

“Let nobody tell you about religion, whoever does that, ask him to show you where Muslims or Christians buy bread cheaper.

“Do Christians or Muslims buy bread cheaper because of their religion?” he asked.

He furthered: “That is why we are here to build a new Nigeria, where you all will be proud of; a Nigeria where children are in school.”

“Some will tell you it is their turn. It is nobody’s turn; it is your turn as Nigerians to take back your country,” he said.

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