Udom Emmanuel Calls For Unity Ahead Of Elections

Akwa Ibom State Governor — Udom Emmanuel has urged politicians in the county to recognise that as Nigerians get ready to elect new leaders in 2023, the nation must remain unified.

At the State Cenotaph in Udo Udoma Avenue in Uyo, on Sunday, Emmanuel delivered the advice at the wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate the 2023 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration.

He added that as Nigerians remember these great heroes, they should be reminded that the causes of the different wars they fought in or the domestic peacekeeping missions for which they gave their lives still exist.

In his words, the Governor said: “As we get ready to elect our new set of leaders, I urge our political class to understand that we need the country to be one indissoluble entity, in order for our aspirations for leadership to be actualized. We must not threaten the unity of this nation for the narrow desire to be in power.

“If these gallant men and women paid the ultimate price for us to remain in peace and harmony. We must also pay them a corresponding price of appreciation and gratitude by ensuring that the cords of our unity, justice, equality, fairness and love remain our abiding articles of faith.

“All across the nation, some rhetoric that enlarge the chasm of separation and weaken the cords of our national unity are still being propagated and amplified through various echo- chambers.

“Our diversity which should form a rainbow of strength is being exploited for narrow political advantage, while zero-sum game tactics are still being employed and deployed all over the nation,” he concluded.

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