Femi Adesina| Nigeria would have Ceased to Exist if Buhari didn’t become President

Mr Femi Adesina with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Adesina referred to Buhari as the savior who kept Nigeria united in the face of extreme insecurity in a piece titled “From N’east With Good Tidings,” which was shared on his official Facebook page on Thursday.

Femi Adesina, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, claims that if it weren’t for his boss, Boko Haram terrorists may have wiped Nigeria off the face of the earth.

Adesina referred to Buhari as the savior who kept Nigeria united in the face of extreme insecurity in a piece titled “From N’east With Good Tidings,” which was shared on his official Facebook page on Thursday.

He continued by saying that the President led the charge and drove the rebels back until they were nearly completely put out of business.

Adesina claims that the people of the North East are now telling good tales about how badly his principal and security agencies were beaten.

He said, “Who feels it knows it all. Perhaps the region most affected by the insurgency that almost strangulated the country since 2009 is the North East. It was there that Boko Haram started, proliferated, and spread to other parts of the land.”

Mr Femi Adesina and President Muhammadu Buhari on a trip.

Earlier this week, I traveled to two states within the region with President Muhammadu Buhari to take part in the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaigns for the upcoming general elections.”On Monday, Adamawa was our first port of call before continuing on to Yobe, where we spent the majority of Tuesday. At each stop, what did we hear? Congratulations to the President for the significantly better security situation in the area.”There are some people who are determined to instill a sense of instability and siege in the nation. They have chosen to ignore the positive aspects of the situation, and all you hear from them is “worsening insecurity.” That’s all they say on TV, radio, on social media, in newspapers, from the pulpits, mosques, anywhere, everywhere.

“They purposely portray insecurity as the only issue in Nigeria, and despite obvious progress, they continue to highlight it daily. They are trapped in scare tactics and drunk.”

But whoever experiences it is aware of it. People in the North East can tell you stories about how militants took control of their very houses, schools, hospitals, local government offices, and emirs’ palaces while operating out of such locations. And how a particular retired general with a history of combat came, waged war on the occupation force, and drove them from the area.

“We heard one of the most moving tales throughout the journey at the palace of Hashimi 11 El Kanemi, the Emir of Damaturu. The governor, Mai Mala Buni, recalled how everyone fled for their life when terrorists seized control of the palace.

Whoever feels it is an expert. If you ask people in the North East, they would tell you what President Buhari’s administration has done for them in terms of security. If they would listen, “worsening insecurity” merchants would be humiliated.

The truth is that Nigeria might have vanished from the face of the earth by now if we hadn’t had a leader like Buhari in 2015. There was encircling doom and gloom round the country then, and we would all have been done for. But the President led the charge, and pushed the insurgents back, till they are now almost totally extinguished. Extirpated.

“The war wasn’t easy. The nation was indeed at war. Additionally, other awful security issues joined as if that weren’t already horrifying enough. Secessionist attempts, cattle rustling, farmers/herders disputes, cult killings, banditry, and many others. The government and our security services took on all of them as the nation turned into a massive killing field.

What kind of difficulty can a government get into? The administration was under pressure and under attack, but it overcame the obstacles. Despite the challenges still being present, the security situation has significantly improved today. And God alone deserves all the honor, even as we respect our President and the security services.

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