AY Reveals Why Celebrities Can’t Support A Candidate During Elections

Popular Nigerian comedian — Ayodeji Richard Makun, professionally known as AY Comedian, has given an insight as to why celebrities in the country find it extremely difficult to pitch tents with a candidate during the election season.

The comedian made it known that the fear of being blacklisted is why many of his colleagues don’t publicize their preferred candidate during election season.

He shared this in a tweet he made a few hours ago, saying: “Most celebs have become slaves to fear during elections.

“Whenever they publicly take a stand on any political candidate of their choice, they are either BLACKLISTED or ATTACKED by clueless thugs who would do anything to secure their own interests. Stop putting them under pressure.”

Also hitting back at a tweep who made a comment saying: “… celebrities were vocal during the #EndSARS protests, why should they be silent during elections?” AY replied: “Was I not one of the celebs? Did you know what happened to some of us afterwards? NO!

“The difference between you and I is that you can say whatever you want to say and do in this space. Them no born some of us well to try am. Coming for us is easier than looking for a John in Ketu.”

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